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Welcome to the world of being Women

      MOTHER is the greatest creation of God. Since God cannot be in-person everywhere, everytime, God has created the Noble-being “MOTHER”. The credit of creating and nurturing the humanity in this world goes to “WOMEN”.

             “No Women, No World”. Let’s celebrate the pride of being a WOMAN.

           'The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother never. A mother is something absolutely new'. - Yogi Rajneesh.

           When a woman conceives, there is a huge transformation within her and also with her family, in their thoughts, actions and responsibilities. Like a sculptor, who carves a stone and brings it to life by making it into a beautiful statue, a mother unknowingly sculpts a precious baby to life within her.

            உங்கள் குழந்தை 'கருவில் திருவுடையார்' ஆக வளர்வர்.

           Motherhood is a golden period in a woman’s life and these ecstatic moments will be cherished forever in her life. To help you experience those cherished moments, we at Garbha Rakshana, help you to conceive naturally and for those who have conceived, to have a positive & healthy pregnancy, and ensure that your progeny blissfully grows in your womb and is birthed naturally into this wonderful world.

            'It is not only that we want to bring about an easy labor, without risking injury to the mother or the child; we must go further. We must understand that childbirth is fundamentally a spiritual, as well as a physical, achievement... The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love'. - Grantly Dick-Read, MD, from Childbirth Without Fear, 1955.

           Garbha Rakshana will be your pillar of strength & satisfaction in this exciting journey. We help you to have a Gentle and Calm Natural Birth with happy, joy and excitement & without pain and peril.

Our Services

Fertility Services

           Motherhood – The greatest gift entrusted to women, by God. Women have been blessed with the power of creation, by The Creator. Many are blessed with Motherhood early & easily, when they are in the family way. But for a few, it takes time, where the Almighty’s grace enables them to prepare themselves and eventually they become a wonderful Mother.

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Birthing Services

           The days when a mother nurtures her baby in her womb are the most exciting & happiest. Those cherished days are etched in her memories and whenever she looks back, bring up a flood of those joyous moments of life. As a woman grows older, she may not be able to experience them once again but will only have these memories of motherhood to cherish.

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What people feel

Dr. Gayathiri

A Professionally trained and Internationally certified Birth Professional.
   Gayathiri has always been passionate about making our way of living in-sync with nature’s way and considers motherhood as the greatest gift of nature to a woman. She endeavours to bring the best practises and methods in natural birthing combining modern techniques and traditional knowledge to empower many expecting mothers to enrich their lives. Armed with Professional training and International certifications, she would be your ideal guide for expecting mothers and couples eager to have a baby. Read More